Emu in Territory Wildlife Park

The Emu is still common in Australia, but on remote places. One seldom meets them in the wild. But one can in almost any animal sanctuary like Forest Glen or Territory Wildlife Park, where I made these pictures.

In emu families it's the male taking care for the kids. But there can't be too many predators. Maybe dingos when still young, or birds of prey like the Spotted Harrier. But when grown up, I think an emu's life is quite pleasant.

On my second voyage I walked a grassland in Wilsons Prom when I heard a kind of turmoil in the wattle bush around. So I get my camera and managed to get a shot in the wild when the Emu came running out escaping. No idea what caused the trouble. And by the way: ever met Awe?

Portrait of an emu Emu in the wild

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