Displaying Spotted Harrier and Barn Owl

Barn Owl waiting for the mouse Spotted Harrier showing it's wings A couple of days ago we saw quite a lot of predatory birds at Yellow Waters, but not from too close and not flying.
So we liked to watch a display of these very different types of birds of prey in the Territory Wildlife Park.

The Spotted Harrier is an all-Australian bird, but not a great hunter. So it prefers to feed on dead animals along the streets or Emu eggs. They're born with the instinct to break these green oval things by throwing stones on them.

The Barn Owl is an extremely flexible and successful animal. It's native on 5 Continents, in Australian outback heat just as much as in the Skandinavian winters. In Australia they still live indepentantly from men, but in Europe they live entirely near human settlements - the best places for fat mice. Look at this one: It knows there is a dead mouse in the other hand of the traineer...

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