Little Corella

Little Corellas Loving couple of Little Corellas
I wouldn't be sure the Little Corella is an extremely beautiful bird. But it is always amusing to observe a bunch of parrots or cockatoos - as long as they're not too excited. Little corellas 'marry' for life and after a while it's not too difficult to find out the couples.
Little Corellas on the tap
Parrots and cockatoos are well equipped with any tools to get what they want: sharp minds, beaks and claws. This couple here is climbing around on a water tap in the Kakadu Resort. There is a thin jet of water running and it was for the whole time.
And everytime I looked there there was a huge flock of birds around: the corellas, some Magpie Geese, Masked Lapwings and more one cannot see one the picture. I think the hotel management gave up chasing the corellas away and left them the tab to have them all together on one place.

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by IKO