Female Magpie Lark

Magpie-Larks are live in all of Australia exept for Tasmania. Therefore, they obtained a couple of different local names like Mudlark ora Peewee - still, it's always the same bird. They do well in nearly any environment, so I photographed the first one in the outback and the next ones in the middle of Melbourne.

I alway saw only one at a time and checking the pictures later with my book, all photographed birds are female - one can judge that by the colour of the throat. Males have a black, females a white throat.

The birds are territorial and will attack anyone disturbing what they regard as their property. And: the couples sing duets. Males and females will sing the same song in quick sequences so the dull human ear will hardly notice which bird sings when.

female Magpie-Lark Female Magpie Lark

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