Wilsons Promontory - 8 Acres Guesthouse

8 Acres guesthouse
entrance of 8 acres guesthouse

In January 2011, I had an unexpected problem. As I couldn't make up my mind at home where to go after the Great Ocean Walk, I thought I could easily do that in Victoria. That was totally wrong. The problem was not bushfires this time, it was flooding. Many sites, whole areas were closed. Victoria tourism in Melbourne felt unable to do anything (apparently, they mainly sell day trips and Koala mugs), only the Bothfeet management was able to find one place that was not shut down yet: 8 Acres Guest house. And indeed it was a great place to stay. In the low season, I was their only guest. But that couldn't keep them from brilliant service. I was picked up from the hotel and later dropped there again, all drives and outstanding delicous food was not only provided in the guesthouse, it was provided even for the long walks, too. I normally travel a rather simple way, so I again felt surrounded by pure luxury.

community room
dinner desert dessert arrangement my room
road to Wilsons Prom

Something a German needs to get used to in Australia: the definition of 'near' is a totally different one. The guest house is about 75 km away from the entrance of the park. So one needs a car, no matter how you turn it. There is a large campsite in the park, so if one has a camper, it's a good idea to take it there. I may have tryed that, if I hadn't found this place. But it's a nice drive - especially under flowering trees and if someone else does the drive...

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