Yellow Waters

plumed ducks under the paperbark trees in Yellow waters
Yellow Waters, a part of the South Alligator river, was to me the probably most amazing point along the whole trip. It provides, what nature enthusiasts dream of: Thousands of birds and a dozen of Estuarine crocodiles ready to get photographed. It was like falling into a National Geographic documentary.
Yes, regarding temprature and humidity November is not the most pleasant time of the year for human beings. Also, the biggest part of the land is brown and bone-dry. But all animals living normally spread across a huge area are now squeezed together on a very small percentage of the land. It's the perfect time to see even the rare and shy ones easily.
Nevertheless: If I ever return to Australia, I will go there in or after the wet to see the same dusty desert covered with 3 metres of water and water lilies.
Magpie geese leaving in the evening
The perfect place to stay when visiting Yellow Waters is the Gagudju Cooinda.

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