Mercure Sydney

This is where the tour began in the morning, so I tryed to book a night there. I wrote a fax. No answer. I tryed to book via internet - error message, no bookings possible. Travel agency: No bookings for less than 3 nights. So I went to Sydney not knowing where I'd spend the night. I called the Mercure and indeed they had taken the booking without letting me know. It was my first step learning Australian companies do not like to answer customers requests.

Apart from that I found nothing wrong with the hotel. It's a large one next the railway station, not really in the tourism centre, but close enough and not too expensive. The first place I saw a type of breakfast that must be Japanese (but they had the familiar types, too!). The porter sent me to a camera repair shop where people knew far less about cameras than I do. And I can not repair cameras.

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by IKO