Frontier Hotel in Darwin

Frontier Hotel Darwin When conducting a websearch many Australian hotels are difficult to find. All the business seems to be in fluctation and they keep changing owners and names as well. That's normal. But the Frontier Hotel in Darwin hits the top: It seems they change their name after each 6 months. Today (February 2003) it's the "Aurora Frontier Hotel Darwin" already different from last November. But as "Frontier" seems to remain in the name, you may be able to find it anyway.
The hotel is not in the city where most of the others are, but it's only a footwalk to get there. The only remarkable thing I can stay about the hotel is, that the bus couldn't drive us to the hotel room - as normal in the outback :)
In the botanical garden right behind the hotel I photographed a frilled lizard, a rare chance for tourists.

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by IKO