The Lost camel in Ayers Rock

The lost camel next Uluru Like a bunch of other resorts, the Lost Camel lies within eyesight of Uluru. Uluru lies in the middle of nowhere, even for Australian terms. And the whole hotel complex, the Yulara resort, is run by the same company. So after calculating the costs, the managers would sit at the table waiting for some inspiration what apart from the costs and normal profit they should charge. No competitor will be able to keep their dreams limited.
Indeed the hotel isn't bad, but do not expect it to compeat with any hotel of the same price anywhere in the world. Talking of us, our guide informed us, the hotel was not prepared to serve breakfast for a group of 9 people we were. But maybe the tour operator wasn't ready to pay the price, who knows. Anyway we had to drive to breakfast in another hotel and it was long enough to do it by bus.

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by IKO