Bothfeet Lodge

Bothfeet Lodge at the Great Ocean Walk
Treeferns at Bothfeet Lodge

Bothfeet Lodge was my place to stay while hiking the Great Ocean Walk. In fact, it was built for exactly this purpose - another one is not visible anyway. It turned out to be great at nearly anything one may expect: Style, ecological responsibility, food, service. Also the accom is great for most people. 'Most' means, not for half of the single travellers. The double rooms have large windows facing the somewhat tamed wilderness. Single rooms are half double rooms and one of them has no window at all. And no furniture anyway. That was a shrill disappointment. I decided I was not there for the room to stay and being honest, I always fell quickly asleep. Still, for the price one pays it is no good to feel like stored into the locker. Yes, book there. But do make sure to get a room with a view.

Rooms at Bothfeet Lodge
dropping off walkers

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