Over the ridge to Refuge cove

trees on the rocks
path along the rocks

From Sealers cove the track goes over a little ridge to Refuge cove and it's camp ground.

Christmas beetle Correa reflexa

Along the track, one can find little gems like the Christmas beetle that was a bit late at the end of January, and some Correa shrubs.

Corymbia gummifera


Some trees along the track showed glossy red marks and Lou told me this would indicate the presence of Sugar gliders. They would bite the trunks of the Red Bloodwood, so the 'blood' poored down. Later I learned this 'blood' was correctly called kino.


Fungi on wood


For someone from the other end of the world every step provides something unseen (one also has to watch out for ones steps). So it was real fun to see that on one point of the walk the ground grinned back at me :-)

Smiling Gum tree leaves

view from the rock
trail across the rocks
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