Spending the night in Refuge cove

Refuge Cove

Refuge cove - what a nice name for a place to spend the night! But in fact, there was nothing one would need to escape from.

Swamp wallabies for the welcome
swamp wallaby with joey

Right at the entrance of the camp site, we found a welcome committee of my taste: a Swamp wallaby with her joey. Must be a lot of them around here, in the bush, I nearly had stepped onto one's tail across the path, before it jumped off the shrub at very last moment...




Some steps further one finds the place where the yachts leave their marks for the world.

remember the yachts here
our luxury version of camping

When reaching the camp ground, the moment came to enjoy the benefits of a tour provider. They have treasure chests with all the stuff one enjoys to have when camping, but does not enjoy to carry along. It was not only the tents and sleeping bags, it was also a stable table that made the jaws of other campers drop. This is luxury :-D

unpacking the treasure chests

our tents
refuge cove beach
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