Lunch in Sealers Cove

Sealers Cove
Lunch underway

When the tree ferns open to the beach, one has reached Sealers cove. Luckily, the times of sealers are long gone, the last remains of their wooden buildings will be rotten soon, too. Makes me think how the seals are doing, but indeed, I haven't seen a single one during the whole holiday.
Anyway, this was our planned place for lunch - a marvellous lunch that does not resemble the German idea of a picknick. A picknick is something simple, the HikingPlus idea of a picknic is luxury. Alright - I was not in Australia to save on new impressions. Especially not the delicious ones.

With the wide views across the beach, we found out everyone was having lunch here. The first one we observed was a Sooty oystercatcher picking in the mud. Maybe it was after the little crabs running around there as long as they feel undisturbed.

Sooty oystercatcher
crabs on the beach

Then, when proceeding to the other end of the beach, one reaches a little creek. Its freshwater also provided a drink for a handsome Pacific gull.

Pacific Gull drinking
Silver Gull

The other gull one comes frequently across in Australia, is the Silver gull, Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae, different from what we call a Silver gull in Europe. This one is smaller and very colorful.

Sealers cove creek driftwook in Sealers creek
Yellow-crested Cockatoo

At the other side of the creek, one reaches the light shade of tall gum trees again. In one of them, a Yellow-crested Cockatoo made itself heard, seen and photographed before it took off into the blue.


Yellow-crested Cockatoo flying
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