The burned gum trees

Eukalypt forrest burned down
regrowing gum tree

Gum trees are a micracle of survival skills. Due to their oil they won't only burn easily, they may even explode - from the airplane one can see sometimes trees with their branches somewhat away from them on the ground... But if not burned too hard, the trees will regrow. When walking that woodland near telegraph saddle downwards, I wasn't quite sure how to feel: Was that depressing? Was it spending hope? Did it look disastrous? Was it scenic? I couldn't really make up my mind.


Gum tree regrowing

Grass tree inflorescence

It wasn't only the gum trees surviving - even some old grass trees did. In fact, grass trees are neither trees nor grass, one could call them lillies for better reasons, still, their appearance makes it hard to find a better word for them. This really old one clearly shows the marks of the bush fire - still it's strong enough to flower.

grass tree





A grass tree showing what it makes it so special: hundreds and thousands of all equal leaves providing an almost artificial appearance.

grass on the rocks
Swamp Wallaby munching banana peels

Feeding animals is prohibited. But sometimes, banana peels simply escape from people's attention into the bush. But they won't get old there. Wallabies simply LOVE them! Here's a swamp wallaby making sure that peel won't be wasted as food for the ants.

Only some steps further, the area of the tree ferns begins.

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