Finishing at London Bridge

Loch Ard Gorge and visitors
vegetation at the rocks

At the last day, we had a relaxed morning packing our stuff, having a short walk and then take the last bit without much hiking: we'd get dropped at Loch Ard Gorge and London Bridge by our logde bus and then change to one of the daytrippers buses which would bring us back to Melbourne.

As you can see, this place is as empty as the Apostles. Everyone goes here, too, normally at the same day. This time, one can go down to the beach and most of the visitors from all over the world do. Seen from the headland, it looks somewhat like animals on a fenced pasture - or maybe playing that "Robinson for a day" game? Anyway, I found it worth having a look at the rocks around.

Loch Ard Beach stalactites

Going to the beach, one finds strange stalactites on suitable places. The coast is not very solid - I'd say it's something in the middle between sand and sandstone. So a part of what's getting washed down gets caught again by the roots of coastal shrubs making a rather strange kind of stalactites. When ever coming across such formations I remember the explanation I get in a cave long time ago: "There are stalactites and stalacmites, one from the top, one from the bottom. When ever thinking which is which, remember: tites are always the hanging ones."

Loch Ard Gorge seawards

And yes, there is London Bridge, too. Some years ago, it was more impressive when still connected to the land. In 1990, people could still go there over archways, so it was a real miracle no-one was injured when the arch collapsed. Still, two people were now isolated on the outer part and needed helicopter rescue. The bus driver had a nice story of that event - I do not know, strange things do happen, but that one was much to good to be true.

London Bridge, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
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