Trees and shrubs found in Australia

Gum tree

I don't know much about Australian trees, so you visitors have a splendid chance to improve this site. I first tryed to learn in Geoff's garden, but there were so many species I did not manage to remember a single one. So later I photographed what I liked. Again: if you can improve the information supplied here, please do so.

As one may imagine, trees seldom obey state borders. So it was sometimes difficult how to sort them into the different parts of the website. I do hope most of my decisions did make sense, but maybe not for you. So if you are looking for a specific tree, try Google search - maybe you find where you did not expect it. :-)

Please, dear Google, find

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Urgent alert: Tasmanian wilderness in danger!
Please help to preseve some of the eldest and largest living beings!
For information see the wilderness society.

More books about Australian trees

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