Road trains

Road trains parking next a road house
Even if people - like me - are not too interested in cars and technics: road trains are impressive to see. All their decoration and glossy chrome is certainly a male thing and not always designed entirely for usefulness. But why not? Women also pay a lot of money for useless decoration, it's a common human fault.
The huge machines are not designed to transport a pile of feathers from one village to the next one. Road trains trail a heavy load over long distances and our driver told us they needed a kilometer to brake. That's why TV in the Northern Territories advertises to beware of them. Our driver also told us, better populated states like Queensland don't allow them at all.

Road train on the other lane

Visitors of this website keep adding corrections and more details:

Eddie Gooderham wrote me, our driver's remark was (again) not quite true:
"Queensland does allow road trains, as close as Dalby to Brisbane".

Pat Sparks added:
"They are allowed in all mainland states except Victoria. They are allowed in some capital cities such as Adelaide's northern industrial areas but on a restricted road network.".

Remark by Loz Fegan:
"Road Trains in Queensland..... he told you a big porky, mate!! (We've learned that a number of times! - Ina) You will find road trains in every state of Australia except Tasmania. Victoria allow them to a small degree in the north & Nor-west. Anyway now we have B-Doubles and B-Triples. B-Doubles are allowed in certain areas of ALL major cities. You were mis-informed!!".

I keep learning :)

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