In Katherine gorge

the beginning of Katherine gorge
Katherine gorge There is a choice how to visit the famous and impressive gorge: by canoe or by boat with guide. Both ways have their advantages. Alone in the boat one doesn't get explanations, but has more time.
In fact the gorge is a chain of gorges one may travel for a couple of days. But as we busy bus travellers didn't have time to stay there any longer than a couple of hours and only visited the first two gorges.
In the first one there are a couple of sandy spots which provide nesting places for the freshwater crocodiles, the so-called "freshies". But neither here nor anywhere else we managed to see a single one.
Katherine gorge
After a while we reached the end of the first gorge, where the water was too shallow for the boats. We had to walk some 500 m and enter the next boat in the second gorge. The second gorge was the more impressive one with steep walls and not much place for the crocs anymore.
Katherine gorge
The gorge was then much longer than it looks here. We saw the markings of the high water which would lift the level some 6 metres.
Just above that there were the nests of the bottle swallows again.

For the gorge, a nice place to stay is the Mercure Inn.

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