Photographing kangaroos

Agile kangaroos and Jorien ready for the shot
Some people call themselves insiders when telling others one wouldn't see kangaroos living in the wild of Australia. Yes - if one never leaves Bondi beach this might be true. But if one goes where the kangaroos are, one will find them - much easier than it was to see a wild deer or pig in Europe.
These guys are Agile Wallabys (Macropus agilis) and we found them next Katherine gorge. This distance is quite alright when using a reasonable lens. Later we found them grasing in Kakadu resort. And these guys would allow portaits if one only has light enough to photograph them.

So if you want to get a picture of kangaroos (or wallabys - for foreigners it's pretty much the same), don't loose hope. Just go where they are and find them. If you can arrange it, try it in dusk or dawn, but you may not need to do so. My best pictures were made around lunchtime.

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