The big Swamp Gum

The big Swamp Gum

Do not believe this picture. It does not show at all what one sees when visting the so-called "Big tree" on the road to Hartz National Park, that correctly is called a Swamp Gum or Mountain Ash. In real live, the tree is much more overwhelming. Also, the platform is not at the ground, it's already metres over the ground.

That tree is beyond anything I could imagine. After surviving several devastating fires, it's now beyond it's peak of life and slowly shrinking again. And as the information proudly informes, it is still protected by the Tall Tree Management Policy, despite it's now about 84 metres high - not the required 85 anymore. For many years ago, when the times and the level of human understanding were different, I can understand they regarded such a tree as wealth. But I have no idea how people can even play with such an idea in our days.

Big Mountain Ash in Tasmania Bigger Mountain Ash
young Mountain Ash

Nearby, one finds another big fallen Swamp Gum. Maybe it remained here because decades ago, when it was logged, nobody could move it - I don't know. Anyway, Suzy does not sit in the absolut bottom part of the trunk, the stump is still in place and despite decaying, still something one needs to climb to get ontop of it.

Around the place, young Swamp Gums are still growing. But compared with what size they can get, one might call them sticks or seedlings. Even under best conditions, it will take them ages to get half that impressive.

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