At the Hobart Wooden Boat

Hobart harbour during the Wooden boat James Craig in Hobart

The Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart was one of my timers. Not that much for the Festival itself, the event was this time also the host for the centenary party of the Eye. Now these together made a pretty good reason to be at the right spot at the right time.

The Wooden boat is a biennal event that focusses on wooden boats, but if they are eye catchers, they also are welcome with steel hulls - like the James Craig (right) from Sydney.

But of course, the focus is on woodwork and the people around.


ningher canoe

Reconstruction of a local river craft, an ningher. In ancient times, aboriginals made their crafts for river travel out of tee tree bark.

model of a Perahu

Magnificent model of a perahu, as formerly used in the Pacific area.

women's choir
family at the wooden boat

Of course, such events provide good chances to have a look at the people. Apparently, some of the pictures at the National parks exhibition were so remarkable, they needed to be fotographed from the poster.

Yacht in contre-jour
Yachts at the wooden boat
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