Second day at the Golconda festival

acrobatic workshop
private acrobatic exercises

As time went by, one could observe more and more results of workshops and personal curiosity. And especially the parent and child acrobacy was a big success. All over the place one could see them practising.













Some of the results even went on stage like the bunch of girls doing the hula hoop with a large number of rings.

hula hoop girls
Suzy and Robin

The virus also caught Suzy and Robin. So the went for the partner acrobat workshop and I followed: for documentation reasons. And after some practising it turned out to be big fun and real success!

Suzy and Robin as new born artists
Pedal your own shake

I have good reasons to mistrust my sports skills, so I should keep it on the rather small scale. Pedalling my own milkshake was just suitable and helped to keep the result off my hips...

for the kids fiddles on fire the human mantis big jumps juggeling hats best place around
vertical rope scream


After many impressive shows, people still winced at one point watching a girl on the vertical rope. Nope, this was nothing anyone would like to try at home.


be more silly
waiting for the next programme point
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