The most southerly place to go

Southern Right Whale memorial
End of the road

Fishers Point is not the geographically southernmost point of Australia. But no road and no path goes more southerly. Looking South from here, the next spot of land is antarctica - and it's closer than Northern Queensland. And if a wave could travel from here East or West, in both directions it would hit Southamerica.









We went there with David and Jo who joined us in Huonville. This time sitting at the table of your brave camper I understood the total difference between sitting in the front and sitting in the back. Thank god, I had pills against seasickness with me!
Anyway, it was nice to have a little walk around in the evening.

cockle creek bridge

Next morning provided blue skies again and the perfect opportunity to have a look around and across Recherche Bay.

beach at Fishers point
view across Recherche Bay

The path to Fishers point is something to watch one's step. Sometimes it goes across wet coastal rubble. As a side effect, it provides access to the salt tolerant shore plants.

In former times, Fishers Point was a whalers station. When the men came from the sea, they could find here anything they wanted, first of all a pub and ladies. Not much is left from these facilities, only some walls and maybe remains of the gardens - this would explain the Fuchsia shrubs here.

Fuchsia magellanica
last remains of the whalers station
Fishers Point
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