Golconda Circus Festival Festival motto

Big party in Golconda

at the Golconda festival
organisator's house

The Golconda festival is pretty secret - even in Tasmania. And there is one simple explanation: they don't need advertising. Who went there was happy and will return. It's indeed as simple as that.

For Friday to Sunday, people will come together to enjoy something that is not virtual: live artists, live musicians. The artists came together some days before to practise and to learn new tricks which later will be shown to the public. And the public can join as much as desired: there are workshops all over the place for beginners and advanced people, for children, partners and simple bystanders. It is about activity, not just gazing.

It is a local land owner who decided to provide the place for it and who makes sure the hundreds or thousands of people will have the slightest possible impact on the local environment. Everything one can think of is done the most ecologic way. And apparently, everyone understands and keeps the rule.

showers at Golconda festival
juggling practise

big bubbles

Activities happen all over the place. Smaller sites, bigger sites. Most of them are scheduled in the programme so people can get there at the right time. But I think some of the small and smaller events are simply just there, neither really planned nor organized. Like phantastic bubbles appearing and disappearing again.

When something was announced for the big stage, it was a good idea to get there early. Everyone will come, many will stand in the last row, all will have fun.

big arena audience
Boy band daddy
audience in the tent

The music events were in tents - Tasmanian skies are not realiable enough to leave the electronic equipement outside. Several bigger and smaller bands played for a very mixed audience, say from 8 months to 80 years. The way it should be in a big family.

trapeze girls Robin at the trapeze
Ina, Naomi and Suzy

At the trapeze, not everyone looks the same. I, for instance, would be happy if simply being able to sit on one. Or to hang flat down - at least for some seconds. Robin dared to have a try and managed better looks than many others. Still, he was surprised to realize it was much more demanding than he thought. And indeed, the girls doing the job professionally, look like pure, undiluted muscles.

But the evening event then demanded less bizeps, more style, inspiration and ressources. One needs to get there in costume, otherwise the doors remain closed. Without seeing it with my own eyes, I never would believe what clearly heterosexual men enjoy to wear when fancy dresses are accepted and demanded. In certain cases, they may blind sensitive people with their appearance.

We couldn't stand back, so it was Suzy's pride and joy to organize the most outstanding dresses for us. Her efforts and talents were enormous and due to the big camper, we could carry anything dry and safely, even supplying friends and friends of friends. Especially Naomi was the scream of the festival.

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