The Centenary

Eye of the Wind model old Eye advert

Forget it. I am not going to explain the Eye and her importance for us. I won't tell you the story of successfully ignoring the impossibility of running her and sailing around the planet on a shoestring - you can read it at any time on our website. This is only a bit of the first of our 3 centenary parties - the ones in Sydney and Hooke followed.

We did not have her here with us - the current owner doesn't sail her over long distances anymore. And also the above model (I think it's the one by David Bond) was only present as photograph. But how cares? Sailing the Eye was not only remote beaches and starry nightwatches - it was about that great selection of people she attracted, people one would not have found without her. Tiger sailed her for 25 years and so people came and went - so one knows some by having shared the cabin, some by the the stories of others and some not at all. Around 100 of us now came together to celebrate what we've had. And it was good name tags were supplied - so one could say hello to the ones one only had heard of yet.

Linda Kirkwood and Joe Spinelli Tim Nossiter and Tiger Timbs

Tim had a speech for Tiger and the Eye, supported by a slideshow of great pictures befor we all cheered the Adventure Under Sail Syndicate which made it all possible.

Adventure Under Sail Syndicate 2011
The audience Debra Timbs with the birthday cake

Debra with the birthday cake, Joe Spinelli and Leslie Reiter cutting it.

Joe Spinelli and Lesley Reiter cutting the cake
Eye of the Wind Australia voyages

After all these years, even a big world map cannot provide room enough for all the voyages she did. And even for Australia, only the most important routes could be marked and mentioned. And even if most of us only did a small percentage of them, it was so good to meet the old travel mates and collegues.

cuddeling old friends: Ina, Johnno, Roscoe, Sue and Angie
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