Alice Springs and the Royal Flying Doctors

Alice Springs from Anzac Hill
Flying Doctors Base in Alice SpringsAlice Springs seen from Anzac Hill. In fact there is nothing spectacular to see. The modern town lives of the tourism industry.
Apart from doing the tour loops from Alice, we haven't seen much there. The certainly most famous sight in Alice is the Royal Flying Doctors Base. Certainly the medical care for the farmers in the outback is a big archievement and something a country can be really proud of. But what they showed us in their base wasn't really information, it was promotion, advertisement, merchandising and found-raising. If it would have been for us tourists sake, a talk of the tour guide in the bus would have done.
Going to Flying Doctors Base ment doing the required bow to Australia instead of having the only chance of shopping within 10 outback days.
And sometimes one needs more than just silly souvenirs.

For the first time in Alice, we stayed in the Red Centre, when we returned we spent the night in the City. The Flying Doctors Control Centre

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