Muhammad, the Brushtailed Possum

Muhammad, the brushtailed possum Muhammad, the brushtailed possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) is a special case - for me. We found his mother dead along a street in Tasmania. And as Suzy had Lydia already, I became his auntie for a couple of days. Needless to say my experience raising Australian wildlife was zero.
So when we came home he quickly received some instant possum milk and subcutaneous water injections. Later I put him into a little bag and kept him under my shirts for the rest of my stay in Tassie.
As Suzy had some experience, much dependend on his will to live. And this little guy really impressed both of us. It took him some 36 hours to realize everything in his life was different now. He couldn't just hang on to his mum's nipple anymore and wait for the next drop of milk to come. He had to eat bigger meals in one go and may 'tell' us, if he needs something. He co-operated and all were happy. He only lost all nerves when not feeling some fabric tightly wrapped around him.
And as he was such a great fighter, Suzy decided to name him Muhammad after Muhammad Ali.

P.S.: Recent news about Muhammad say, he was growing up become a giant amongst other possums. It's no big miracle, already in this stage his appetite was enormous: 8 ml sometimes...

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