Lydia, the bettong

Lydia, the bettong Have you ever seen a bettong? The first one I ever came across is Lydia, belonging to Bettongia gaimardi. She lives in Tasmania and her first mummy died in a car accident. Suzy found her dead body, took Lydia out of the cold pouch and raised her under her shirts from then.
Lydia was still young when I made this video, quick bouncing across the carpet was still easier than standing still upright for a while. So she'll live in her quiet unusual pouch for another while, until she's a big handsome bettong and bounces off into the forrests of Tassie. Hopefully she'll always avoid streets and cars in the darkness.
I made some short videos of Suzy and Lydia with my digicam, you may download them, if you wish.

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